How it works

The site combines features of a social network and of an e-commerce platform, thus providing the powerful promotional tool.

The site is intended for three types of users: Artists, Art lovers and Art collectors



  • Create an account and upload your artworks to publish them on our web site.
  • The registration is free, you will need to provide only the basic info about yourself.
  • The artworks are rated and are shown on the main page accordingly. The rating is constantly re-evaluated.


  • Search inspiring artworks and share your opinion in a small blog post.
  • Be direct, try to write an emotionally appealing article, where you express your personal opinion.
  • Compete with others by earning rating points and get known for your valuable opinion about art trends.


  • Browse the web-site and use our powerful searching tool to find artworks of your dream.
  • Read what others had to say about this artwork and compare their opinion with yours.
  • Make an informed choice and buy the artwork. You will have seven days to evaluate the artwork (*).
(*) in case of purchase refusal the shipping back to the artist if on the buyer's charge

Social network or Online Art shop? Both!

The Art-Mesh platform strongly promotes personal experience.

The synergy of a social network and an e-commerce platform brings forward the personal attitude and helps to create deeper emotional impact when it comes to artwork purchase.


Connect with emerging or well known artists, follow the most influential art-bloggers. Be sure not to miss the latest art trends.


Use our powerful, easy to use publishing tool to publish your latest artworks. Use this tool to provide more info about your artwork.


Use convenient and safe online shopping to easily acquire artwork of your dreams.


Enjoy the 7 days return policy. Once the artwork is delivered you'll have seven days to evaluate the purchase, and send it back if you do not want to keep it.


Bring an artist to the site, and take advantage of each sale of their artwork. You will get 5% of each sold artwork.


Take advantage of the launching promotional option - only 15% commission fees (Valid limited period of time).

It's all about rating.

  • The ratings of each artist and of each art-lover depend on many parameters and are constantly re-evaluated
  • The rating of an artist depends on number of views, number of blog posts associated with their artworks, number of people that added their artworks to wishlists, number of shares in social networks, etc.
  • The rating of a art-lover depends on how often they write the blog posts, whether these blog posts provoke a discussion, and how these blog posts contribute to the probability of this artwork being sold.
  • The ratings of artists and art-lovers are mutually dependent, thus contributing to the better exposure of artists and higher visibility of art-lover blogs.
  • The higher the rating of an art-lover is, the more they benefit from various advantages, such as discount on an artwork purchases and commission from an artwork sale.

Purchasing artwork

The artwork purchasing made easy thanks to the optimized process for both sides: Artists and Art-collectors.


  • Choose the artwork and use one of the available payment methods to transfer money.
  • The Artist gets notified about the artwork purchase. Our site organizes the delivery of the artwork to the buyer.
  • The artist has 3 working days to package the purchased artwork and handle it to the representative of a shipping provider.


  • Both Artist and Art-collector can follow the shipping progress of the artwork.
  • Depending on the country of origin and country of destination the shipping could take several weeks.
  • By default the shipping insurance is not included in the price of the artwork, but it can be included upon request for additional fees.


  • Upon delivery of the artwork the art-collector has seven days to evaluate the artwork and approve the deal.
  • Once the artwork is accepted, the deal is considered finalized.
  • At this point the deal is considered finalized and the money is transferred to the artist account.

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